Here is the code snipped of the day: if you want to do a basic Operating System detection in Java (for some specific Selenium routines, let’s say), you can use a simple class like the one below.

public final class OSDetection {

    public static String OS = null;

    public static String getOsName() {
        if (OS == null) {
            OS = System.getProperty("");
        return OS;

    public static boolean isWindows() {
        return getOsName().startsWith("Windows");

    public static boolean isUnix()
        return getOsName().startsWith("Unix");

    public static boolean isMac() {
        return getOsName().startsWith("Mac");

After including the class above in your package, you could do something like:
if (OSDetection.isMac()) {
// you specific MacOS stuff here..

if (OSDetectionisUnix()) {
// you specific Unix/Linux stuff here..

if (OSDetectionisWindows()) {
// you specific Windows stuff here..

Have fun!